Project VIC Wi-Fi

Visit Queensland, Tourism and Events Queensland and MyPort (who recently changed their name to Gigafy) have joined forces to create a Free Wi-Fi System for the Accredited Visitor Information Centres throughout Queensland.

MyPort          TEQ

What is Project VIC Wi-Fi?

Project VIC Wi-Fi is designed to provide a publicly managed wireless internet system for Accredited Visitor Information Centres. Centres that provide free Wi-Fi also provide an opportunity for visitors to search, book and connect with friend and relatives during their visit.   

What's involved?

  • Installation of Wi-Fi throughout Visitor Information Centres
  • Ability to track visitor information statistics from all users (e.g. place of origin, age demographics, types of travellers etc.)
  • Opportunity to showcase current events and promotions via the Wi-Fi landing page

Who is involved?

Currently there are over 50 Visitor Information Centres throughout Queensland that are part of this project.  

How can we help?

Visit Queensland offers support to VIC staff with training on how to run and utilise their Wi-Fi system. With the help from MyPort we create manuals and user guides. We also provide support via phone and email to all VICs who are part of the program. We work alongside TEQ and MyPort to ensure all funding and services work accordingly.