Our Story

The Tourism Group (TTG) has been in operation since 2003 under the governance of Directors: Wayne Clift, Mark Greaves and Paul Manias who bring decades of collective experience from their roles in a wide array of disciplines within the tourism sector. The TTG group of companies operates in the space of Tourism and Visitor Services with the goal to enhance the visitor experience through best practice business and tourism development, particularly within a regional context.

Experience, knowledge and the ability to deliver effective, practical strategies and solutions for tourism organisations, corporations, government and private operators has meant our group of specialist companies can meet the needs of a broad range of clients across an equally broad range of services. Our services range from tailormade consultancies for visitor information services reviews and developing strategies for enhancing tourism services, products and destination marketing, to organising trade, media and delegate travel itineraries.

Our subsidiary company Visit Queensland (VQ) is the auditing authority for the Queensland Accredited Visitor Information Centres, which comprises 106 VICs and 2 mobile VICs. As the appointed Auditor, VQ works with visitor centres to assist them in maximising their important role in the Tourism Industry. The Tourism Group has also recently been awarded the contract to provide a comparable auditing service to all New South Wales accredited Visitor Information Centres.

The subsidiary company Southern Queensland Tourism (SQT), operates the two accredited Visitor Information Centres at the Brisbane International and Domestic Airports. SQT has been the contracted service provider for Brisbane Airport since 2002. The two VICs are open 7 days per week. The Brisbane Airport Ambassador Program began with just 6 ambassadors and now boasts a crew of 170 dedicated ambassadors who strive to provide the best visitor experience on arrival and departure to Brisbane.

Our Vision

‘Creating Tourism Potential’

Our Mission

To encourage, provide guidance and educate in order to improve and develop visitor services in the tourism industry. This will be achieved through:

  • Stakeholder Engagement – We recognise the importance of a broad consultation process with the stakeholders as an essential protocol for identifying the issues and perspectives to achieve successful outcomes. Our experience of engaging and dealing with stakeholders from all spheres – from government to community, commercial tourism operators to special interest groups – is a hallmark of our success in tackling complex issues with practical strategies and effective outcomes.

  • Market Development and Training – The Tourism Group conducts training and market development programs for Local Government Authorities, Tourism Operators and Visitor Information Centres throughout Australia.

  • Depth of Knowledge – in addition to our consultancy roles, we provide services to Tourism and Events Queensland to prepare the itineraries for visiting journalist and TV crews, requiring a broad depth of k nowledge of tourism products and operators throughout Queensland. Our team also offers famil escorting, providing informed guidance to international media about Queensland’s tourism offerings. Our famil services now include a new contract with Tourism Australia.

  • Communications Resources – our company can assist with a range of communications needs from all facets of creating brochures and guides to arranging photography and video requirements.

Our Core Values

  • We believe in Integrity, trust and respect.

  • We strive to innovate.

  • We are committed to quality and service.

  • We foster personal and organisational growth.