Our Story

The Tourism Group (TTG) is a multi-faceted company, based in Brisbane but operating across Australia and focused on delivering positive outcomes for its tourism industry partners and through its consultancy contracts.

  • Our Visitor Information Centre Operations
  • Tourism Accreditation
  • Tourism Support Services
  • Tourism Consultancy and Development

The Tourism Group offers both insight and experience for tourism bodies and Local Government seeking direction on the delivery of their visitor services and identifying opportunities to enliven their local or regional tourism economy.

Every consultation project we undertake is unique and requires an individual assessment and response. What is common to all projects is matching the skills of our group of consultants to best meet the needs of our clients. Through briefings, consultation with industry and first-hand visits we gain a full understanding of the issues to consider.

Research of critical and current industry data from respected sources, engagement with relevant stakeholders and analysis of comparable business scenarios are all part of the processes we undertake for assembling an informed report with practical solutions and within agreed budgets and timelines.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of individual clients with outcomes relevant to the destination and its visitor markets.

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Our Vision

'Creating Tourism Potential'

To build a multi-faceted company that provides relevant and innovative solutions for our tourism clients, new opportunities for our team, and a sustainable future for our business